A busy program of World of Coffee Dubai 2024 and events promoting companies in the global coffee industry

The World of Coffee 2024 Exhibition, one of the most anticipated events in the coffee industry, announced the holding of a group of events aimed at enhancing cooperation and partnership between exhibitors and specialized visitors, and exploring the features of the future of the coffee industry, which is witnessing great prosperity. The agenda of the third edition of the World of Coffee Exhibition, organized by DXB Live, the arm providing integrated event organization and management services at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 21 to 23 January 2024, includes a wide range of events and activities, including: This is the Roosters Village area and the Cabin Room and Brew Bar suites; The exhibition devotes a wide space to sustainability in the field of coffee, including organizing a group of dialogue sessions and specialized workshops on sustainability, the best methods for exploiting resources, and sustainable practices that embody the global coffee community’s commitment to responsible production.

The exhibition will witness the launch of a number of new events, including the Franchise Village, a space that brings together leading brands wishing to expand their business in the region, with serious investors looking to invest in establishing branches of well-known brands in the field of coffee. This enhances the exhibition’s position as an important platform for exploring horizons and opportunities for growth and cooperation between industry leaders, including merchants, farmers, distributors, buyers, and roaster owners.

The “Buyers Program” and the “Buyers Lounge” are among the most prominent programs and facilities included in the exhibition, as the program allows for the preparation of scheduled meetings between buyers, farmers, merchants, distributors, roaster owners, and nutrition managers and officials in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and airline companies, so that the meetings take place according to a specific schedule and dates. In advance in the buyers’ lounge, which adopts an innovative methodology that contributes to enhancing communication and interaction between industry leaders, providing an ideal environment and a unique work atmosphere for cooperation, building partnerships, and discussing potential deals between parties.

The event is characterized by holding a series of dialogue sessions and free workshops, and the space allocated for the sessions will be doubled in this session to establish two large theaters, one for the dialogue sessions of the Specialty Coffee Association, and the second for the Unfiltered Theater, which will host expanded dialogue sessions in the presence of dozens of international experts and specialists, to talk about new trends, discoveries, and the latest products. In the world.

The “Roosters Village” area and the “Cabinet Room” and “Brew Bar” pavilions are also doubling their area to meet the increasing demand for participation. The “Roosters Village” area is considered one of the most attractive areas for the public, and it has similar display platforms equipped with a coffee machine and a water source, while Exhibiting companies bring in their own coffee beans and prepare the coffee; The region brings together dozens of brands from all over the world, with specialized visitors, providing them with the opportunity to taste roasted coffee prepared in different ways.

The “Cabinet Room” pavilion allows its visitors to taste coffee varieties, evaluate their quality, and compare them. Each company displays for an hour to buyers and the public a group of coffee flavors to taste and compare between them. As for the “Pro Bar” pavilion, it consists of two large platforms that can accommodate 12 companies. Each of them can use the platform for 3 hours to prepare different coffee flavors, while visitors and buyers move between companies to taste the coffee and watch the barista prepare unique coffee drinks in innovative ways


  • A platform for innovation

In order to encourage innovation and development, the exhibition’s activities will include the Coffee Innovation Platform Award, “Coffee Design Award,” and the Best New Product Award, “Best New Product Award.” “Coffee Design Award” is concerned with keeping pace with the latest developments in coffee preparation techniques and equipment, and the latest sustainable practices. The award areas include: design, packaging, branding, cups and coffee pampers. The contestants submit their designs on the website of the two competitions before the exhibition, so that the judges can choose the winner of the competition’s logo for the year, which is what all contestants passionately seek to win the International Specialty Coffee Association Award as the best design, or the best product in the world for the year 2024. The exhibition will witness the organization of regional and international competitions to provide a comprehensive experience for coffee lovers.

  • Enhance participants’ experience

In this regard, Khaled Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB Live, said: “We seek to strengthen the position of the World of Coffee Exhibition to be the first global destination for coffee industry leaders. We are keen for the event to go beyond the concept of traditional trade exhibitions, to become the first global platform for those interested and experts.” And specialists to keep pace with the latest industry trends, and explore innovative ways and smart, environmentally friendly methodologies to enhance the growth and sustainability of the sector.” He added: “The event is an important opportunity to learn about the sources of coffee beans, roasters and coffee supply chains, and to review the latest developments in the fields of packaging, distribution and production. There is no doubt that the exhibition’s activities “The various programs, especially the buyers’ program, will enhance the participants’ experience and enable them to communicate directly to grow their businesses and ensure their sustainability.”


  • A leading platform

The Dubai edition of the World of Coffee exhibition is the preferred destination for companies aspiring to strengthen their presence in the Middle East and benefit from the enormous potential of the coffee markets in the region in light of the growing demand for high-quality coffee and the increasing demand for modern café chains. DXB Live seeks to provide a pioneering platform that enhances the growth and sustainability of the coffee industry, by setting new standards for the coffee industry.

The importance, efficiency and innovation in organizing international exhibitions, and providing a platform that meets the needs of the various poles of the coffee industry, and brings together brands, farmers, producers, distributors, experts and specialists under one umbrella, to share their expertise and experiences, display their latest products, and develop their cooperation with potential partners and buyers.

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