Café Vergnano brings the passion of Italian espresso to Emirati hospitality

Caffe Vergnano, the well-established Italian coffee roasting company, brings the taste and passion of authentic Italian coffee to the UAE. Caffe Vergnano, with more than 140 years of experience, offers its partners the finest coffee blends in the world, and gives its customers a unique experience that emphasizes the legacy of the authentic Italian espresso world.
Founded in 1882 in Piedmont, Italy, Caffe Vergnano is still a wholly family business, currently run by the fourth generation of the family.
The finest coffee beans are carefully selected from America, Africa and Asia, then roasted and blended to become “Caffe Vergnano”, the famous coffee gourmet product. The slow and traditional roasting process is still followed in Italy, which embodies the authenticity and heritage of the company’s traditional way of preserving the flavor and taste of each coffee bean.
Carolina Vergnano, CEO of Café Vergnano, commented: “The UAE joins more than 90 countries in which our products are distributed, where customers can now experience and enjoy the taste of Café Vergnano coffee, and we look forward to expanding our presence in the region even further. At Café Vergnano, we still retain the same interest and passion that our founders started 140 years ago, and our mission now is to bring the authentic Italian coffee experience to the finest restaurants and luxury hotels in the region and around the world.
“Partnering with Café Vergnano not only means being able to offer customers an outstanding hospitality experience, but also gives fine restaurants and hotels access to all the elements that make our coffee experience unique, from unique coffee blends to stringent quality assurance control procedures and training courses. The barista experts, everything needed to prepare and serve an authentic Italian espresso, and in my opinion, invaluable!
Caffe Vergnano chose STREE to be its exclusive distributor in the region, due to its great experience in the market and its skill in developing services. Which includes: advisory services to customers regarding choosing the most suitable type of coffee blends, evaluating the ideal offer for each outlet, coffee tasting sessions, providing luxury espresso machines, professional technical support services around the clock, and professional training courses for practical and theoretical barista skills. Basically, everything you need to serve up an exceptional cup of Italian espresso!
“Stree’s experience, service and market expertise, combined with the products and legacy of the pioneering Caffe Vergnano company, provide our customers with an irresistible combination,” says Fatima Labdar, Director of Hospitality at Stree.
She added: “It gives me great pleasure to work with Café Vergnano to bring such an authentic and distinctive Italian product to the Emirates. A unique coffee can change the customer experience in a restaurant or hotel, as it is a hallmark of quality and attention to detail, and there is no better experience for savoring the taste of coffee.” From the authentic “Cafe Vergnano!”
The range of products «Caffe Vergnano» Horeca includes two main production lines, the classic taste and the ancient blend of 1882, created to meet the different market requirements and diverse flavor preferences. The classic Café Vergnano production line is packaged in 1 kg bags of which 8 different blends are available, including decaffeinated and organic, while the 1882 blend production line includes 3 blends filled with the best coffee in the world, in packages of innovative 2 and a half kg. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

About the company «Cafe Vergnano»
Caffe Vergnano is one of the oldest Italian coffee roasting companies. Founded in 1882 and expanded by the Vergnano family for nearly 140 years, it is the leading brand of authentic Italian espresso coffee worldwide. And it brought the best aroma and taste of Italian coffee in every cup. The secret of Caffe Vergnano lies in the artisan attention to the handling of the raw materials, and the slow and traditional roasting method that enhances every element of its coffee.
Caffe Vergnano’s blends are available all over the world in the best and most prestigious hotels, cafes and resorts, and in more than 170 “Caffe Vergnano 1882” cafes spread all over the world. Caffe Vergnano is currently exporting its products to more than 90 countries.

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