The British Coffee Association (BCA)

The British Coffee Association (BCA) is the representative organization for the coffee industry and the voice of UK coffee.

The BCA represents, promotes and supports all aspects of the UK coffee trade and industry. We foster a favourable environment for all aspects of the industry and its culture to thrive, both now and in the future.

Members’ views and concerns are the drivers behind the work we do. We actively encourage members to influence the direction and policy of the BCA to ensure we continue to steer government legislation and promote a balanced view of coffee amongst consumers and policy makers to secure the future of your business and our industry.

•  Members work and grow together.
• Towards achieving shared sustainability goals
• To mitigate and manage key issues
• To ensure the long-term resilience of coffee

The BCA operates at all time under the Competition Law Compliance Rules for Food and Drink Federation Members.

By joining the British Coffee Association, you will unlock the ability to network, collaborate, and meet with colleagues across the UK coffee industry.

BCA bring together companies and individuals from across the UK supply chain.

Quarterly BCA Committee Meetings

  • Network with industry colleagues through joining one of our active committees:
    • Communications Committee
    • Sustainability Committee
    • Technical and Regulatory Committee
    • Trade and Logistics Committee
    • Member Services Committee
    • Arbitrations and Contracts Committee

Social Events

  • BCA organises yearly social events to give members an opportunity to build their network, meet new contacts, and develop relationships:
    • Annual Industry Dinner – the only UK coffee industry and trade dinner held each year in November
    • Opportunities to meet and network with industry colleagues

For further details on membership, please contact:

What BCA do?


• BCA is involved in all forms of policy and legislation affecting the coffee industry and provides guidance to regulatory authorities
• Assuring compliance with those regulations and guiding our members
•  BCA is a trade advisor to DEFRA
• BCA actively follow future issues and put the industry strongly forward in the media via our BCA Press Office


• BCA provide thought leadership and education through webinars
• Provision of networking platforms through educational and social events
• Annual Industry Dinner


• An Arbitration service with Arbitrators training courses and workshops
• BCA work closely with key global coffee organisations to ensure
connectivity across key issues and a global approach is undertaken

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