Coffee Etiquette: 11 Tips for Café Visitors

The 1960s and 1970s marked the rise of the “specialty coffee era,” where values of quality and excellence in coffee preparation came to the forefront, along with diverse flavors and aromas. Lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos are among the popular beverages, and their fame extends across thousands of modern cafés equipped with advanced techniques for roasting and brewing coffee worldwide.

In these contemporary cafés, professional coffee makers, known as “baristas,” stand out for their expertise, warmth, and unique coffee presentations. They constantly innovate to enhance coffee quality. When visiting a café, it’s essential to adhere to certain etiquettes or “coffee etiquette” to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Polite customers are always preferred by coffee makers.

Here are 11 guidelines for refined behavior in cafés:

  1. Check the Menu: Upon arriving at the café, review the menu to avoid surprises if your favorite drink isn’t available.
  2. Eye Contact: When ordering coffee, remember that you’re interacting with a real person. Speak clearly and respectfully, avoiding distractions from your phone.
  3. Specify Preferences: Be clear about your order, including details like milk type, drink size, and temperature.
  4. Avoid Changing Your Order at the Wrong Time: Try not to alter your order after it’s been placed, especially during peak hours.
  5. Trust Matters: Have confidence in the barista’s skills and avoid asking about decaffeinated options if you’re not interested, as it may be considered bothersome.
  6. Respect Time: Don’t linger at a table; leave promptly after finishing your coffee to allow others a chance to sit.
  7. Moderate Jokes: Refrain from making repetitive jokes during busy hours; the barista might be occupied.
  8. No Coffee Lectures: Avoid showcasing your coffee knowledge to a barista who may not be interested.
  9. Kindness Pays: Remember that tips contribute significantly to a barista’s income, so be generous.
  10. Avoid Selfish Behavior: Don’t monopolize large tables with your devices or loud conversations.
  11. Dispose of Coffee Waste Thoughtfully: Hand over coffee remnants to café staff instead of tossing them in the trash.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a coffee experience in cafés with courteous and considerate behavior, ensuring the comfort and happiness of both customers and coffee makers.

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