A Success Story: A Journey into the World of Coffee with Marko Djuric, Director of Global Business Development at Coffee Desk

Dubai, January 19, 2024 (QW): In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Mr. Marko Djuric, the Global Business Development Director at Coffeedesk GCC. Marko takes us on a journey through his background, passion for coffee, and the remarkable trajectory that led him from Poland to Dubai and across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. As an industry expert, he shares insights into Coffeedesk’s journey, evaluates the current state of the coffee industry in Dubai and the UAE, explores global opportunities, and addresses the challenges that persist in this dynamic sector.

Coffee Journey and Background:

Can you provide us with a brief overview of your background and how you ventured into the realm of coffee? What inspired you to embark on this journey from Poland to Dubai and across the Gulf Cooperation Council countries?

Marko: Absolutely. My journey in the coffee industry began with a passion for exploring diverse cultures and flavors. Originating from Poland, I found myself drawn to the rich and dynamic world of coffee. The move to Dubai and across GCC countries was fueled by the region’s booming coffee culture and the opportunity to contribute to its growth. My background in Global Business Development aligns seamlessly with the dynamic nature of the coffee industry. It’s an exciting venture that allows me to combine my love for coffee, business acumen, and a keen interest in connecting with people from various backgrounds. This journey has been a remarkable exploration of both the art and business of coffee, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Coffeedesk Journey:

Reflecting on Coffeedesk’s journey, could you share insights into its inception, notable milestones achieved thus far, and any future plans you have for its development?

Marko: Coffeedesk’s journey has been remarkable, evolving into a premier destination for coffee enthusiasts. Recognized as a master distributor for brands like Urne, Moccamaster, and AeroPress, and exclusive distributor for Fellow, we’ve achieved significant milestones. Future plans include expanding our ecommerce presence and maintaining a focus on sustainability. Exciting times lie ahead for Coffeedesk.

Coffee Industry Market in Dubai and the UAE:

As an expert in the field, how would you evaluate the current state of the coffee industry market in Dubai and the UAE? Are there any trends or unique aspects that stand out in this region?

Marko: In evaluating the coffee industry in Dubai and the UAE, it’s evident that there’s a dynamic market with a growing coffee culture. The demand for specialty coffee is on the rise, and consumers are increasingly looking for unique experiences. Sustainability is a notable trend, with both businesses and consumers showing a keen interest in eco-friendly practices. Overall, the industry here is vibrant and open to innovation.

Global Opportunities in the Coffee Industry:

With the commencement of a new year, what, in your opinion, are the most significant opportunities on a global scale within the coffee industry? Are there emerging trends or untapped markets that you find particularly promising?

Marko: As we step into a new year, the global coffee industry is rife with opportunities. One noteworthy trend is the increasing popularity of sustainable and ethical practices, resonating well with environmentally conscious consumers. Additionally, the rise of specialty and artisanal coffee continues to present exciting prospects. Untapped markets, especially in regions with a growing middle class, offer substantial potential for expansion. Overall, the evolving preferences of consumers and a focus on quality and sustainability shape the industry’s landscape.

Challenges in the Advanced Coffee Industry:

Recognizing the advancements in the coffee industry, what do you perceive as the primary challenges it faces? How can businesses navigate and overcome these challenges to ensure continued growth and sustainability?

Marko: In the face of remarkable progress in the coffee industry, certain challenges persist. One major hurdle is the volatility of coffee prices, influenced by factors like climate change and geopolitical events. Businesses must strategically manage these uncertainties through diversification and sustainable sourcing practices. Additionally, maintaining quality amidst increasing demand poses a challenge. Investing in technology, fostering direct relationships with producers, and embracing innovation are pivotal for businesses to overcome these challenges and ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

Exploiting Opportunities and Facing Challenges:

Delving deeper into strategy, how do you recommend seizing the available opportunities in the coffee industry on various levels? Additionally, what proactive measures can be taken to effectively address and overcome the challenges encountered in this dynamic sector?

Marko: To seize coffee industry opportunities, adapt to consumer trends, embrace technology, and prioritize sustainability. Overcoming challenges involves transparency, data analytics, and strategic collaborations. A proactive approach, marked by adaptability and partnerships, is essential for sustained growth.

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