Alexander Bernardo, the winner of the 2023 UAE Aeropress Coffee Championship, in an exclusive interview with “QahwaWorld”

Alexander Bernardo achieved first place in the 2023 UAE Aeropress Coffee Championship, which concluded last Friday at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Naturally, winning has its distinct flavor, and it leaves its mark on the life of the winner, potentially altering their career path forever.

Often, winning moments are special and moving, especially when victory follows hard work, and when it is over formidable opponents and strong competitors.

Alexander’s victory in the 2023 UAE Aeropress Coffee Championship was by no means easy, as he faced strong competitors from various nationalities. He managed to secure the win thanks to his skills and creativity.

In an exclusive interview with “Coffee World,” Alexander appeared unable to describe his feelings at the moment of his first-place announcement: “I was very shocked, speechless, and extremely nervous in front of the audience,” says Alexander.

Alexander’s interview with the “World of Coffee” website

Can you tell us about your initial reaction when you found out you had won?
I was so shock,speechless and very nervous in front of the crowd.

Can you describe the moment when you were announced as the champion? What was going through your mind at that time?
I can’t believe it was happening, that i was announced as champion. Im just thankful that I become a champion as the fruit of my hard work.

What inspired you to participate in the competition, and what motivated you to strive for the first place?
My family and my passion in coffee. I was just focus on my goal to be a champ.

Could you walk us through your journey of preparing for the championship? What was your training regimen like?
Every morning im calibrating different kinds of recipes and my co-workers are my judge.

The Aeropress is known for its versatility. Can you share some details about the specific coffee blend or technique you used in the competition?
My technique is just enjoying my passion and maybe thats guts in being a champion

Were there any unique challenges you faced during the competition, and how did you overcome them?
I was just pressured on the 5minutes time but all was good and smooth.

Coffee competitions often have a sensory component. How did you approach the taste and aroma aspects of your coffee in the competition?
I just make my coffee well balanced of acidity,sweetness and body of coffee.

Winning such a prestigious title must be the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. Can you tell us about your background in the coffee industry and how it prepared you for this competition?
I was 5 years in speciality coffee, I tried to compete last 2019 and i was only on Preliminary round. I told my self that when the time comes I will make it in the top and be a champion. And the time is Now I become a Champ.

How did your experiences and skills as a barista contribute to your success in the championship?
Because if you love what you are doing all will follow.

What do you think sets your Aeropress coffee apart from the competition? Are there any specific techniques or ingredients that you believe made a significant difference?
No other ingredients. As is what was given on the stage.

Winning the championship is a significant achievement. How has this victory impacted your career and your future plans in the coffee industry?
I gained new friends in the coffee community and i want to explore more in this industry.

Can you share any advice for aspiring baristas or coffee enthusiasts who aim to excel in the Aeropress competition or other coffee championships?
If you have a dream to be a champion in coffee industry, you need to focus on your goal, put all your effort and love what you do.

Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge or thank for their support and guidance throughout your journey to become the UAE Aeropress Coffee Champion?
Of course my lovely wife who is my number one fan and my kids and family who always there for me. As well my colleages and friends in the community who supports me all the time.

Are there any exciting coffee-related projects or events you’re currently working on or planning for the future?
For now, Im just focus on the World Championship. I’ll be a World Aeropress Champion.

Lastly, what does coffee mean to you, and what message or inspiration would you like to share with fellow coffee lovers and those passionate about coffee competitions?
Coffee is a part of our daily lives,it is a stimulant that makes our brain alert. For the coffee lovers try to explore different kind of origin of coffee. The coffee is not just a coffee. For the rising competitors hit the aroma you are looking for and do what is best.)

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