1000 companies and brands in «Coffee World 2023»

DXB Live, the arm of integrated events management and organization services at the Dubai World Trade Center, announced the holding of the second session of the World of Coffee 2023 exhibition, between January 11-13, with record participation, as the number of companies and brands registered to participate so far has reached more than 1000 global, regional and local companies and brands from more than 30 countries.

The huge participation of thousands of experts and specialists from all over the world in Dubai trade events is a testimony of trust and recognition by the international community of the pivotal role that Dubai plays in increasing commercial traffic at the regional and global levels.

wide participation

The exhibition will be held in Zabeel Halls 5 and 6 at the Dubai World Trade Center, in cooperation with the International Specialty Coffee Association and the Specialty Coffee Association – Emirates Branch, with the participation of a large number of brands, and the most prominent international companies and brands, including:

Brazil, Greece, France, Colombia, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Singapore, Qatar, Panama, Oman, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Jordan, Indonesia, India, Georgia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bolivia, Belgium, Austria, China, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

Also participating in the event are brands established and operating in Dubai and the UAE, including Cavinated, Coffee Planet, Bon Café, Brewing Gadgets, Bananas, Coffee Disc, Kirsanchi, La Merzocco Middle East, La Marquise, Arabic Coffee, Sterry, Kahraman, and others; Famous Italian brands, for example:

Simonelli, Eureka, Fiorenzato, Grupo Simbali, Mazer Luigi, Rancello Group, and the Italian World Trade Center, and among the participating brands from Guatemala are Anne Cafe, Finca Elmorito, etc., and from Ethiopia, the Mulegi brand, East Coffee, and Rwanda also participates in a national pavilion, There are also 40 exhibitors from the United States.

The event organizers expected that the number of specialized visitors to the exhibition would double compared to its first session, including experts, specialists and pioneers in the coffee trade from all over the world, whose number in the previous session exceeded 5,600 specialized visitors, while estimates indicate that the volume of global participation, and the easing of restrictions and procedures imposed by The “Covid 19” pandemic in the world will contribute to increasing the number of visitors to this edition.

A recent study conducted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce indicated that the value of retail coffee sales in the UAE in 2021 amounted to 3.6 billion dirhams, and its volume reached 28.4 thousand tons, which was reflected in the compound annual growth of the value of coffee sales by 8.3%, and its volume by 7.2%, between 2015 and 2020.

A report published by the Commercial Registration and Licensing Department of the “Department of Economy and Tourism” in Dubai indicated that the emirate currently hosts 615 registered companies working in the field of coffee trade, achieving an increase of 148% in the number of licenses issued in 2021 compared to 2020, which confirms the presence of Dubai is distinguished and its leading position in this sector.

Khaled Al Hammadi, Senior Vice President of DXB Live, said: The exhibition includes a variety of activities, including coffee tasting, watching professional barista shows as they prepare coffee with its various and distinct flavours, in addition to lectures and workshops that provide in-depth information about the coffee sector. , through a group of industry leaders, experts and professionals, who will shed light on the prevailing trends in the coffee market, and growth opportunities in this sector. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to build relationships with experts, professional baristas, and baristas, and introduce coffee varieties and their various flavors.

experiences and activities

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to participate in many distinct experiences and activities, most notably the “Capping Room” pavilion, which allows visitors to taste and evaluate the quality of several coffee varieties and compare them; the “Brew Bar” suite, which allows visitors to experience a rich experience of unique coffee drinks prepared by volunteer baristas; And the “Roosters Village” pavilion, which brings together baristas with customers and provides them with the possibility to taste various types of roasted and prepared coffee. The exhibition is also an important platform for reviewing the latest developments in the coffee trade, including the sources of coffee beans, roasting methods, beverage preparation and distribution.

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