CEO of the Coffee Quality Institute Praises Institute’s Community Impact and Announces New Initiatives

In an emotional message to the members and staff of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), CEO Michael Sheridan expressed his deep appreciation for their energy, creativity, and commitment. Nearly six months into his tenure, he explained that he had met many institute members at key events such as the African Coffee Week in Addis Ababa, the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Chicago, and the World of Coffee in Busan, South Korea, highlighting the profound impact and inspiration he drew from these interactions.

Michael Sheridan’s message, shared in the latest CQI newsletter, included numerous updates and future plans for the organization. Sheridan emphasized that the newsletter aims to provide an overview of CQI’s diverse activities worldwide, hoping to inspire the institute’s members as much as his travels inspired him.

Looking ahead, Michael Sheridan outlined the upcoming events in which CQI will participate, including the Global Coffee Platform General Assembly in Amsterdam, World of Coffee in Copenhagen, the Thai Coffee Festival in Bangkok, and the Global Coffee Festival at TECNiCAFE in southern Colombia. He sees these events as additional opportunities for interaction and learning within the institute’s community.

In his message, Sheridan revealed that CQI is actively working on improving its services, explaining that enhancement efforts include building new systems, hiring new staff, and developing innovative approaches to better serve the institute’s members. He noted that one of the significant initiatives is investing in a new and improved website to enhance functionality and user experience, responding to collected feedback on the current registration system for matching learners with teachers.

Additionally, Michael Sheridan mentioned that CQI recently announced the creation of a new position, the Mission Engagement Manager. This role will lead projects that have been a core part of CQI’s work over the past 25 years and develop new ways for stakeholders to engage directly with the institute’s mission.

Expressing his gratitude on behalf of the entire CQI team, Sheridan thanked the institute’s members and staff for their continued dedication to improving coffee quality and the lives of its producers. As CQI advances with these new initiatives, Sheridan’s message underscores the commitment to continuous improvement and deeper engagement with the institute’s community.

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