Lavazza tips to become a master barista this summer

As part of its commitment to building a better world, the Italian coffee company is revealing the secrets of the coffee bean this summer, to allow coffee lovers in the UAE to immerse themselves in an unparalleled world of freshness, intense flavor and experience.

Lavazza, the world-famous Italian coffee company, has revealed a set of tips for coffee drinkers to help them master its preparation in a way that gives more happiness and enjoys its aroma and taste. Everyone can discover the unique quality of the coffee beans and embark on a sensory journey that goes beyond the immediate taste. This means paying attention to details with the utmost care and focus, an approach that perfectly aligns with coffee lovers who love to immerse themselves in the rituals of its unique preparation.

Drawing on more than a hundred years of experience in making coffee, Lavazza experts have shared some inside tips that make their fans true experts in their preparation, and for a sensory experience that turns coffee into a true ritual.

Tip 1 – Prioritize freshness and aroma
Coffee is a delicate substance, when exposed to external substances (such as oxygen for example), its properties can be affected, and even altered.

Whole bean coffee gives a superior result in terms of aroma and freshness. The grinding process of the beans pulls out all the compounds that give coffee its delicious taste and aroma, for an immersive experience that conquers all the senses even before the first sip. If you grind your coffee right before brewing it will be one of the freshest cups of coffee you will ever make.

Tip 2 – Pay attention to the grinding method
To get an excellent result in a cup of coffee, the exact grind method must be selected based on the extraction system chosen, and the grind result will vary according to the amount of pressure used in each method.

In order we have the following:
• Very fine grind ideal for preparing Turkish coffee  Extraction does not include filtering.
• Fine grind ideal for preparing espresso  extraction at approximately 9 bar pressure, finally fine-tuned for perfect extraction in approximately 25/30 inch cup.
• Medium/Fine grind ideal for mocha pot preparation  Extraction at approximately 1 bar pressure.
• Medium/Coarse grind ideal for brewing filter coffee  extraction under ambient pressure.

Tip 3 – Storage is key
Once the package is opened, Lavazza experts recommend storing the coffee in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place away from sources of light and heat. These precautions will help keep your coffee beans fresh for a longer period.

Tip 4 – Make it a coffee ritual
Some people may prefer convenient ground coffee for faster and easier coffee making at home. But grinding the coffee beans gives it a completely different taste, producing not only a richer and more crunchy flavour, but the same method naturally imparts positive vibes to your morning, turning your daily coffee habit into a ritual that enhances the rest of the day, not only with caffeine, but also with focus. and happiness.


About the Lavazza Group
Founded in Turin, Italy, in 1895, Lavazza has been owned by the Lavazza family for four generations. Today, the group is one of the leaders in the global coffee scene, with a turnover of more than 2.3 billion euros and a group of major brands that lead its respective markets, such as Lavazza, Carte Noire, Merild and Cake Horse. The company is active in all business sectors with operations in 140 markets, 9 factories in 6 countries and more than 4,200 collaborators worldwide. The group’s global presence is the result of a growth journey that extends for more than 125 years and the production of more than 30 billion cups of “Lavazza” coffee annually, which is evidence of a remarkable success story, and the continuation of providing the best types of coffee in all its forms by focusing on all aspects of the supply chain. From the selection of raw materials all the way to the final product in the cup.

The Lavazza Group has revolutionized coffee culture through continuous investment in research and development: from the perceptual sense that marked the company’s first success in the selection of coffee blends, to the development of innovative packaging solutions; From sipping the first espresso in space to dozens of industrial patents. The group’s ability to foresee the future is also reflected in the focus on sustainability in its comprehensive concept, economic, social and environmental, which has always been a criterion for guiding corporate strategies. The slogan “Awaken to a better world every morning” represents the goal of the “Lavazza” group to create sustainable value for shareholders, collaborators, consumers and the communities in which it operates, combining competitiveness with social and environmental responsibility.

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