Saudi Coffee Company Expands Market Presence with Key Supply Agreements

In a groundbreaking development, the Saudi Coffee Company, backed by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has recently inked significant supply agreements with prominent coffee chains in Saudi Arabia. The deals, announced during the two-day PIF Private Sector Forum in Riyadh, mark a major stride in the company’s mission to revolutionize the local coffee industry through sustainable practices and strategic collaborations.

Founded in May 2022, the Saudi Coffee Company is dedicated to fostering the growth of the domestic coffee sector through sustainable agronomy, education initiatives, and strategic trade partnerships. The latest agreements solidify its commitment to elevating the Saudi coffee industry and contributing to the kingdom’s Vision 2030 economic diversification goals.

Among the high-profile deals, the Saudi Coffee Company will supply locally grown specialty coffee to the renowned Jeddah-based coffee chains, Barn’s (650 stores) and BON Cafe (50 drive-thru sites). This move is expected to not only boost the supply chain but also promote Saudi-grown coffee in the hot and cold beverage offerings of these establishments.

Furthermore, the Saudi Coffee Company is set to introduce its bespoke specialty coffee brand, Jazean, to AlHokair Group’s 23 hotels and Altanfeethi’s 27 airport lounges. In addition to supplying green beans to Elixir Bunn Coffee Roasters, the company will provide comprehensive training on roasting, processing methods, and tasting. Collaborating with Riyadh-based Elixir Bunn, the Saudi Coffee Company envisions joint events and the exchange of expertise in the future.

Khalid Abu Theeb, CEO of the Saudi Coffee Company, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s pivotal role in advancing the Saudi coffee industry. “Our presence at this forum marks a crucial step in our mission to elevate the Saudi coffee industry. With our strategic partnerships and collaborations, we reiterate our commitment to sustainability and sector growth, both locally and globally – proudly contributing to the kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the diversification of the economy,” he stated.

With a substantial SAR 1.2 billion ($320 million) investment from the PIF, the Saudi Coffee Company has ambitious goals, aiming to increase annual coffee production from 300 to 2,500 tons by 2028 and plant 10 million coffee trees in the Jazan region over the next decade. This bold vision positions the company as a key player in reshaping the landscape of the Saudi Arabian coffee industry.

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