Coffee Science Foundation (CSF)

The Coffee Science Foundation (CSF) is a support organization of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) that serves as the research arm of the SCA.

It is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of coffee and securing its future through research, knowledge-building, and outreach.

The CSF is a unifying force that drives collaborative, pre-competitive, and scientifically rigorous research that benefits the entire coffee community, including the coffee-consuming public.

The results of CSF-managed projects are then disseminated to the global coffee community at events, through publications, and coffee education programs.

What is the Mission?

To advance the understanding of coffee and secure its future through research, knowledge building, and outreach.

How does it work?

  • The Coffee Science Foundation (CSF) engages with entities who provide both restricted (project-specific) and unrestricted funding.
  • CSF provides funding and guidance to independent research entities.
  • Research projects are managed by the CSF.
  • Outputs of the CSF are disseminated through the Specialty Coffee Association, Coffee Roasters Guild, and other publications, events, and media.
  • How far have we come?
  • Coffee Science Foundation has been established in the state of California.
  • CSF is in the process of being approved as a 501c3.
  • Two major research projects in process (funded); three in “Requests for Proposals” stage. Dissemination will begin on CSF projects this year.

What is our strategy?

  • Demonstrate competence in research management and effectiveness for existing (restricted-funding) projects.
  • Pursue unrestricted funding through engagement with potential unrestricted funders.
  • Populate open board seats with unrestricted funders in 2020.
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