Global Coffee Platform (GCP)

Global Coffee Platform (GCP) is a multi-stakeholder membership association dedicated to advance coffee sustainability towards the vision of a thriving, sustainable coffee sector for generations to come. GCP enables coffee producers, traders, roasters, governments and NGOs to align and multiply their efforts and investments, collectively act on local priorities and critical issues, scale local sustainability programs and grow the global market for sustainable coffee across the coffee world. United in the belief that coffee sustainability is a shared responsibility, GCP Members and GCP’s Network of Country Platforms work together to achieve transformational change on prosperity for one million coffee farmers by 2030.

GCP Vision

A thriving and sustainable coffee sector for generations to come.

GCP Mission

Promote farmers’ prosperity, improved well-being and conservation of nature.

GCP Goal 2030

Transformational change on prosperity for more than one million smallholder farmers

GCP History

The Global Coffee Platform was born out of a need for the coffee sector to continue its pioneering role and to take a more collaborative, holistic and aligned approach to coffee sustainability with a farmer-oriented agenda. To achieve transformational change in the coffee sector, the clear need was seen for new forms of public-private collaboration and co-investments in coffee producing countries, along with gearing the different programs and initiatives towards a unified vision.

Additionally, learnings from competitive supply chain investments as well as various projects have shown a huge opportunity to achieve more impact by preventing duplication of efforts and by supporting local ownership for an enabling environment for sustainable coffee production in origin.

By combining and building on the achievements of the 4C Association’s expansive membership and the Sustainable Coffee Program’s programmatic activities, and the rich connections of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) representing its producing and consuming country government members, the Global Coffee Platform was formed in March 2016 ushering in a new era where sustainability is a shared responsibility.

Members of the Global Coffee Platform today include farmers and farmer organizations, coffee trade roasters and retailers, other supply chain actors, civil society, sustainability standards, donor agencies, financial institutions and individuals.

Supported by the GCP Team, together we address overarching and deeper sustainability challenges facing the sector including threats related to climate change, pests and disease outbreak, ageing trees and farmers.

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