Discoveries in a Cup: 10 Facts about Coffee from Café Mokha 1450 in Dubai

Café Mokha 1450 in Dubai shares intriguing facts about coffee that will broaden your perspective on this beverage:

Pressure Reduction with a Cup of Coffee: Moderate coffee consumption indeed contributes to lowering blood pressure due to its antioxidant properties.
Arabica and Robusta: Arabica coffee, known as the coffee bush of Arabia, offers a wide flavor spectrum and contains half the caffeine of Robusta coffee, commonly used in soluble coffee worldwide.
Exclusive Coffee Experience: Mokha 1450 is the first coffee boutique in Dubai, offering Ethiopian Geisha coffee, a predecessor to the renowned Panamanian Geisha, the world’s most expensive coffee usually sold at private auctions.
Coffee in History: In the 16th century, when coffeehouses were just opening in Europe, women were prohibited from entering, and the drink was considered a symbol of subversives and radicals.
Past Energy Bar: Ancient Ethiopians used green coffee beans coated in animal fat as an energy bar until they discovered the method of roasting them to make a drink.
Coffee Growing as Cherries: Coffee actually grows like cherries on trees and is harvested once a year. The taste quality depends on sunlight, rainfall, and other agronomic methods.
Coffee in the Beauty World: Freshly ground coffee is popular among beauty enthusiasts, used in stimulating scrubs with organic almond oil, sea salt, and organic brown sugar.
Pre-Workout Energy: Gym-goers regularly consume cold coffee before exercising as a means of boosting energy and burning fat.
Calorie-Free Breakfast: While coffee is often considered the first port of call for breakfast, it actually contains no calories.
Time of Freshness: Coffee oxidizes and loses its qualities within just two minutes after grinding.

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