coffee with lemon or vinegar saves from high pressure

The problem of high pressure is known to many. In Japan, they told about an unusual way to reduce it. This will require acetic acid and one very popular drink that is found in every home. The Japanese doctor assures: the result will not keep you waiting!

The doctor explains which ingredients should prevent the development of atherosclerosis and how many cups a day you need to drink

coffee is one of the drinks that can lower blood pressure. The book “50 tips for Lowering blood pressure without medication” explains why coffee is recommended for people with hypertension.

Director of the clinic “Sibaura” Hiroshige Hiroshige Itakura told us about the ways of drinking coffee, which will have a positive effect on the body. If you are concerned about your health, be sure to try them.

Recent studies have shown that coffee is a health drink. Add vinegar or lemon to it

Three to four cups of coffee a day to hold the action of polyphenols

There are many drinks that help lower blood pressure, coffee is one of them, and all thanks to the strong antioxidant effect of chlorogenic acid, a type of polyphenol.

Chlorogenic acid, which gives the bitterness and color of coffee, has a number of useful properties, including antibacterial action in the intestine, prevention of liver function decline, as well as myopia and presbyopia.

It also helps to burn more fat, which leads to an increase in energy consumption. In addition, this acid suppresses inflammation in the body, reduces the formation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels and protects endothelial cells in them, helping to maintain their elasticity.

It stabilizes blood pressure and also prevents the development of atherosclerosis, Dr. Itakura emphasizes. In the course of research conducted by the beverage manufacturer Nestlé among Tokyo housewives, it was found that coffee is the source of 47% of consumed polyphenols.

Although polyphenols can be obtained from other beverages and foods, coffee contains twice as much of them as green or black tea, and three times more than tomato juice, so it is recommended to drink three to four cups a day.

The action of polyphenols lasts only for a few hours after consumption, so it is recommended to drink coffee at certain intervals, for example, during a meal or snack.

Some consider caffeine to be the cause of poor health, but if taken in the right amounts and at the right time, it can have a number of positive effects, for example, eliminate drowsiness and provide a boost of energy. For those who are still in doubt, as well as for pregnant women, decaf coffee will be a good alternative.

It contains the same amount of polyphenols as regular coffee, so the effect will be similar, Itakura notes.

Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the coffee

If you want to enhance the effect of chlorogenic acid in coffee, we recommend drinking it with vinegar. The effect becomes stronger than from vinegar and coffee separately. Acetic acid also helps to lower blood pressure by gently stimulating its hormonal regulation in the body. Some may doubt the combination of coffee and vinegar, but a teaspoon of vinegar does not significantly affect the taste of an invigorating drink.

On the contrary, a slight sourness is combined with the bitterness of coffee, giving it a soft and deep taste, Dr. Itakura notes. Meanwhile, it is better to drink it warm, because in cold form it becomes more acidic. It is possible to brew coffee in a drip way, but even in a soluble product, chlorogenic acid does not lose its useful properties. If you are not used to drinking coffee, then start with instant, and then gradually switch to drip.

If you don’t like vinegar, then you can add thinly sliced lemon or lemon juice — you will get lemon coffee.

This fruit contains polyphenols – eriocitrin, which prevents the absorption of fats and prevents obesity, and narirutin, which helps prevent runny nose and sneezing. Together they are very good for health.

In addition, hesperidin strengthens capillaries and improves blood flow, so it is assumed that it prevents atherosclerosis.

Chlorogenic acid in coffee:

– Gives a strong antioxidant effect

– Suppresses inflammation in the body

– Protects endothelial cells of blood vessels and maintains their elasticity

– Reduces blood pressure

– And acetic acid and hesperidin from lemon further enhance the latter effect!

Features of coffee with vinegar

You can use instant or drip coffee. Add one teaspoon (five milliliters) of vinegar to one cup. Up to four cups a day, but it’s best to drink three cups a day. Choose vinegar to taste. You can also add a little brown sugar or honey to the drink.

Features of lemon coffee

Coffee can be instant or drip. Lemon can be cut (one or two slices), squeezed or bought in the store lemon juice. The recommended amount of juice is one teaspoon (five milliliters) per cup. It is worth noting that lemon is very useful together with the peel.


Hiroshige Itakura is a doctor of medicine. Certified clinical nutritionist. Graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Tokyo. He took up his current post after working as a lecturer at the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Tokyo and Director of Clinical Nutrition Research at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition.

He has published several papers, among them – “Nutrition in terms of blood sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol.”

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