Surprising Facts: How Much Coffee We Drink in a Lifetime?

In a recent study , it has been revealed that the average UK coffee drinker indulges in a staggering 62,000 mugs of coffee throughout their lifetime. A survey of 2,000 caffeine enthusiasts found that, on average, three cups are savored each day, with the first cup being most popular at 7 am.

A remarkable 41 percent confessed to struggling with daily tasks until the first caffeine kick of the day, while a surprising 43 percent admitted to ordering the same coffee for a remarkable 21 years.

The study also unveiled interesting insights into coffee preferences. The most favored types include latte (21 percent), cappuccino (20 percent), americano (18 percent), and flat white (15 percent). Nevertheless, a surprising 74 percent admitted to being oblivious to the type of coffee bean used in their preferred cuppa.

While 80 percent were familiar with the Arabica variety, awareness dropped significantly for other popular types. Only a third recognized Robusta, with merely nine percent acquainted with Liberica, and a mere eight percent aware of Excelsa.

Strikingly, the survey, conducted through OnePoll, discovered that 51 percent lacked knowledge about the distinction between a cold brew and an iced coffee. The key disparity lies in the process: cold brew involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12 hours, while iced coffee is simply cooled regular coffee.

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