Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association is a non-profit member association created to elevate the standards of excellence and enhance value in the production and marketing of Brazilian coffees.

Although recognized widely as the world’s largest coffee producing origin, little is known about the country’s highest quality specialty coffees. Coffee Strategies was selected to help the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association to better position the coffee origin — specifically within the North American market and conduct market promotions for the period of one coffee growing season.

During the engagement, Coffee Strategies conducted brand image market research, developed an annual marketing communication plan for Brazil within North America, assisted with in-country events for green coffee buyers, wrote English language promotional materials and conducted coffee tasting events across the USA in conjunction with Cup of Excellence competitions, a centerpiece of the BSCA promotional strategy.

As a result of these efforts and an aggressive social media campaign, BSCA measured record results at the 2013 Cup of Excellence Early Harvest auction, doubling the top lot price over its prior year and increasing total revenues by more than 30%.

Coffee Value Chain Consulting for Agriculture and Economic Development

Improve productivity and value of trade for farmers

Policy Guidance

Assistance designing national agriculture policy and enabling business environments that improve income from coffee production as a sustainable, high-value specialty crop.

Market Access

Connecting exporters to suitable international market players who have the incentive, and ability to influence a change in the market system for coffee. Design and execution of programs that create sustainable trade linkages between buyers and coffee producers through public-private partnerships and direct trade activity

SME Consulting

Small and medium enterprise management consulting, including business planning, marketing and brand creation, communication, risk analysis, inventory and personnel management training and best practices to improve smallholder or SME performance

Trade Associatons

Industry trade association facilitation, organization, and capacity building. Working with industry stakeholders to create functional producer/exporter organizations to manage domestic and international issues

Technical Reports and Studies

Coffee industry technical research reports and custom studies that identify quantitative and qualitative opportunities for improvement

Market Research

Market analysis reports showing coffee trends, consumption data and other indicators to identify or evaluate strategic market opportunities for trade

Standards and Evaluation

Coffee quality assessment and creating new quality grading standards or defining best practices in agriculture, harvesting, processing, sorting, and storage

Equity and Diversity

Advice on how to make the a coffee sector more inclusive (gender, youth, disabled and disadvantaged) through identification of relevant market actors who have the right incentive to make it happen in a sustainable way

Certification Assistance

Sustainability standards and certifications, evaluating certification options and guidance to following program criteria for certification brand marks including Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade (US and International), certified organic, Kosher and more

Coffee Operations and Product Consulting

Management Consulting

Management consulting, including business strategy, marketing and brand creation, communication, risk analysis, inventory and personnel training

Facility Design and Engineering

Coffee consultants to design and engineer green storage facilities, roasting plants, quality control laboratory and all necessary equipment and tools that will be best suited to meet quality goals and production forecasts

Green Coffee Buying

Green coffee purchasing strategy to meet the quality of any product line from shelf blends through rare and distinctive specialty lots.

Review and evaluate company procurement of green coffee, compare to best industry practices (origins and qualities, suppliers, contracts, pricing, buying plan (forward, spot), substitutions for market/quality fluctuation, sourcing alternatives, management of integrated logistics, examination of forecast demand allocations vs actual results).

Staffing and job functions

Specify the job functions of employees that will work at the facilities and, as appropriate, assist with candidate evaluation and hiring. Develop and document daily procedures performed by each job role.

Brand Development

Develop consumer and wholesale B2B brands and branded products in all coffee categories

Product Development

Product development for coffee beverages, roast and ground coffee, single serve, and ready-to-drink products. Develop or evaluate coffee blending practices and sourcing for product mix (origins, blend compositions, component substitutions, coffee for flavoring, certified coffees), as well as, manufacturing procedures related to pre- and post-roast blending.

Risk Management and Financial Controls

Develop or review risk management procedures and financial controls, compare to best industry practices (internal communication, payment terms, inventory levels, derivatives and hedging, ethical sourcing, pre-approvals, sampling, liquidity risk, reporting)

RFP Specifications and Administration

Issue and evaluate requests for proposals, evaluate and / or locate best suppliers of coffee-related capital equipment (e.g. roaster, packaging machines), services and supplies.

Quality Assessment

Coffee consulting to assess and grade coffee samples for quality and taste, evaluate and approve samples for purchase and continue to provide those services on a long-term basis to ensure consistency.

Coffee Market Consulting and Subject Matter Expertise

Learn more about the global market for coffee and how to reach it better

Coffee Subject Matter Expertise

Subject matter expertise in coffee production and trade at every point across the value chain to aid business decision making, investments, due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, or as an expert witness in coffee-related litigation

Market Research

Custom market analysis reports showing coffee trends, consumption data and other indicators to identify or evaluate opportunities for trade. Producer analysis reports evaluating production quantities, quality, export markets for trade, and other requested factors by geography or market segment

Company Research

Analysis of public and private industry stakeholders, position, financial performance, market share and outlook

B2B Coffee Marketing

Coffee marketing that communicates an origin brand message to the global coffee trade. We work with coffee industry trade media, perform public relations activities, organize field events and missions or national coffee festivals.

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