Maitha Al Ghailani, the accomplished second-place winner of the UAE AeroPress Championship 2023, graciously shares her journey in the world of coffee with QahwaWorld

Meet Maitha Al Ghailani, the accomplished second-place winner of the UAE AeroPress Championship 2023. In an exclusive conversation with QahwaWorld, Maitha shares her fascinating journey into the world of coffee, her inspirations, and her remarkable experience at the competition. From her dedication to exploring coffee’s secrets to her innovative approach to brewing, Maitha’s story is a testament to the passion and potential in the world of specialty coffee.

When asked about her introduction to the world of coffee and the motivation behind participating in the UAE AeroPress Coffee Championship, Maitha reflects on her 2019 initiation into the realm of coffee, ignited by an insatiable curiosity to explore its mysteries and mastery of its methods. Her quest began with a thorough exploration of various coffee types and origins. Maitha attributes her growing passion to the unwavering support of her family and a dear friend. This encouraging environment spurred her to embark on the remarkable journey that led her to the UAE AeroPress Championship 2023.

As Maitha Al Ghailani prepared for the competition, she took part in a workshop on the AeroPress led by her friend, Waqar Al Hammadi, the reigning UAE champion who claimed fourth place worldwide. This workshop equipped her with a solid foundation in using the AeroPress and coffee handling techniques. With relentless dedication, Maitha independently honed her skills and experimented with multiple recipes, culminating in the creation of her award-winning entry. Reflecting on her achievement, Maitha describes the sensation as a blend of beauty and novelty, expressing her gratitude for securing the second position.

Maitha’s competition coffee was Ethiopian Hamashu, naturally processed, renowned for its delightful fruity notes. She highlights the source and flavor, offering a glimpse into her exquisite choice.
When queried about the challenges faced during the tournament and her methods for overcoming them, Maitha graciously acknowledges that there were no major obstacles, but the limited preparation time of five minutes induced tension and pressure.

Maitha distinguishes the UAE AeroPress Coffee Championship from other coffee competitions by emphasizing its significant participation numbers and the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere it fosters, distinguishing it from more tense counterparts.

Discussing the evolution of specialty coffee in the UAE and the broader region, Maitha recognizes the burgeoning expertise and improved equipment among the coffee community, underscored by a growing awareness of individual taste preferences.

As a young woman in the coffee industry, Maitha, who primarily enjoys coffee experimentation at home, cites the absence of notable challenges, crediting the world of coffee for its spirit of exploration and discovery.

Maitha reveals her personal coffee project, “Filtered,” which specializes in portable coffee bags. Her future aspirations involve delving into coffee roasting and exploring novel techniques within the coffee domain.

For aspiring young coffee enthusiasts contemplating participation in coffee tournaments or pursuing a career in the industry, Maitha offers this advice: “Nothing is impossible.” She urges them to break through the barriers of fear and have confidence in their abilities.


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