In its ongoing commitment to fostering self-sufficiency and prosperity in coffee-producing communities, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is extending the reach of the Global Fund, an initiative launched in 2022, to further enhance coffee education and market connection activities. This transformative effort aims to elevate the education and well-being of individuals engaged in coffee production.

CQI’s Vision and Mission

CQI remains dedicated to envisioning an education system that propels coffee communities towards self-sufficiency. This vision involves advocating a shared language of coffee and implementing best scientific practices throughout the value chain. As a non-profit global entity, CQI has been tirelessly working since 1996 to elevate coffee quality and improve the lives of coffee producers through education, partnerships, and international collaborations.

Expanding Access to Education

To realize its objectives, CQI is intensifying its impact by broadening access to education. The CQI Global Fund, established in 2022, serves as a pivotal mechanism for the coffee industry to support CQI’s education initiatives, technical assistance, and global network of experts, especially in regions where educational opportunities may be limited.

Global Fund Operations

Operating on a flexible and adaptable model, the Global Fund responds directly to the unique needs of coffee communities. A Global Fund Committee, comprising CQI staff, trustees, and community members, identifies high-impact education and services. This committee assesses annual priorities, industry studies, and community needs to develop initiatives aligned with specific goals.

Initiatives and Impact

In 2022, the Global Fund successfully provided educational opportunities through the Learning Online Together (LOT) program, offering free online post-harvest processing training. Building upon this success, CQI is poised to broaden the scope of Global Fund initiatives in 2023, encompassing in-person training sessions.

How to Get Involved

The Global Fund relies on support from various stakeholders within the coffee community. Funding partners, global fund applicants, CQI implementing partners, and Coffee Corps Volunteers all play crucial roles in ensuring the success of the initiative. Companies and organizations within the coffee industry can contribute through donations, while individuals can volunteer their time or expertise.

Global Fund in Action

The impact of the Global Fund is already evident in initiatives like “Higher Ground,” a multi-year project supporting sustainable farming and business practices at the origin. Additionally, the “Learning Online Together” program has provided valuable training to producers, contributing to the enhancement of specialty coffee and post-harvest processing techniques.

CQI’s Call to Action

As CQI remains steadfast in its mission to enhance the quality and livelihoods within the coffee industry, the call for continued support resonates. Whether through financial contributions, applications for fund initiatives, partnerships, or volunteering, the coffee community is encouraged to actively participate in the ongoing endeavors of the expanded Global Fund.


In the rich tapestry of the coffee industry, where the aroma of freshly brewed beans mingles with a commitment to quality and community, the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has been a guiding light since 1996. Rooted in education and collaboration, their mission has evolved into a powerful force known as the Global Fund.

Expanding Access Together

The Global Fund, an initiative born from CQI’s passion, offers the coffee industry a unique opportunity to support transformative activities. These include education classes, technical support, and a global network of experts, all aimed at empowering coffee communities that might otherwise lack access to educational opportunities.

Growing Together

In 2022, the Global Fund made waves with the Learning Online Together (LOT) program. Picture this: producers from coffee communities immersed in online post-harvest processing training, all made possible without any financial burden. As we step into 2023, the Global Fund is set to unfold new chapters, introducing in-person training and expanding its array of initiatives.

How It Unfolds

The Global Fund Committee, a fusion of CQI experts and community representatives, meticulously identifies opportunities. They weave a narrative shaped by geography, industry studies, and the invaluable insights of coffee communities. The process unfolds through a dance of annual priorities, calls for applications, and the collaborative creation of initiatives that meet community goals.

Addressing Unique Challenges

Flexibility is the magic wand of the Global Fund. It bends and adapts to the needs of coffee communities, breaking barriers to education, supporting infrastructure development, and enhancing market access. Each initiative is a bespoke solution crafted to address the unique challenges faced by those who cultivate the world’s beloved brew.

Getting Involved

The Global Fund is not a distant endeavor; it’s a call for collective action:

1. Funding Partners: The lifeblood of the Global Fund. Generous donations from stakeholders across the coffee industry, be it roasters, traders, or retailers, breathe life into impactful initiatives.

2. Global Fund Applicants: The architects of change. Calls for Applications echo the Fund’s commitment to inclusivity, inviting individuals and organizations to propose programs that resonate with community needs.

3. Implementing Partners: The amplifiers. Partnerships across the value chain – equipment provision, joint participation in industry events, and collaborative communication efforts – all enhance the impact of the Global Fund.

4. Coffee Corps Volunteers: The heartbeat. From seasoned Q Graders to passionate Assistant Instructors, the Global Fund thrives on the dedication of a global network of coffee enthusiasts and experts.

Join the Journey

The Global Fund is more than a financial venture; it’s a journey of empowerment, collaboration, and transformation. Whether you’re a funding partner, an applicant with a vision, an implementing partner with resources, or a volunteer with a passion for coffee, your involvement is a vital thread in the rich tapestry of this global initiative.

Together, let’s expand access, elevate lives, and nurture thriving coffee communities around the world through the Global Fund.

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