Conclusion of the 2023 UAE Coffee Championship

In Abu Dhabi, the curtains have fallen on the events of the 2023 UAE Coffee Championship, held alongside the Abu Dhabi Food Exhibition at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, “ADNEC.” The exhibition drew a distinguished crowd of thousands, including visitors, brands, exhibitors, industry leaders, government officials, and representatives from the agriculture, food, and beverage sectors.

The expansive exhibition, covering an area of 28,465 square meters, saw broad participation from exhibitors representing over 50 countries worldwide, with 12 countries making their inaugural appearance. The exhibition was not just a showcase; it was a marketplace where deals and agreements exceeding AED 3.9 billion were sealed over the course of the three days, reflecting the significant growth of the event as a leading global platform for innovation in the food industries.

The closing day of the exhibition marked the announcement of the winner of the National Coffee Competition. The competition witnessed widespread participation from the world’s most skilled coffee makers, showcasing their talents and innovations in the art of coffee preparation.

The competition, hosting 16 coffee makers from various countries, served as a platform for knowledge exchange, exploration of new trends, and celebration of the heritage of coffee and its preparation methods. Over the three days of the exhibition, a judging committee evaluated participants based on specific criteria, including preparation time, processing of the designated beans, the final flavor of the cup, the presentation, and the taste of the coffee.

Frederic Bejo from “Archers” claimed the first position in a competition marked by fierce competition among the best coffee makers and specialists. This victory qualifies Frederic Bejo to represent the UAE in upcoming international coffee competitions, including the Busan International Coffee Championship in May 2024 and the World Coffee Makers Championship, along with the Copenhagen International Coffee Championship in June 2024.

He will also represent the UAE at the World Coffee Brewing Championships in Chicago, USA from April 12-14, 2024 at the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Ibrahim Hamza Al Malouhi from The Espresso Lab secured the second position in the championship, while Jin Cabusas from Behind The Cup took the third position. The UAE Coffee Association extended congratulations to the winners and expressed gratitude to the main supporters of this significant national championship.

The competition saw wide participation from coffee-making experts who faced a series of challenges designed to test their coffee preparation skills. The event celebrated the art of coffee preparation, offering visitors the opportunity to witness the intricate processes and dedicated individuals behind every cup enjoyed. The competition also highlighted the manual preparation of filtered coffee and the provision of exceptional service in this field.

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