10 FACTS ABOUT COFFEE you need to know

Mokha 1450 Café in Dubai presents ten facts about coffee that you should know as follows:

1. Drunk in moderation, coffee can actually lower blood pressure as it is packed with anti oxidant health properties.

2. Arabica coffee, also known as the coffee shrub of Arabia has a very wide taste range and has half the amount of caffeine as Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is commonly used in instant coffee all over the world and has a neutral to harsh taste range.

3. Mokha 1450 is Dubai’s first specialty coffee boutique, and the first and only place in the world to offer Ethiopian Geisha coffee, the predecessor of the world famous Panamanian Geisha (currently the most expensive coffee in the world), which is generally sold at private auction.

4. When coffee houses first opened in Europe in the 16th century, women were banned from entering, and the drink was considered a beverage for subversives and radical politicians.

5. Green coffee beans rolled in animal fat were used by early Ethiopians as an energy bar before they discovered they could roast the bean and make it into a drink.

6. Coffee actually grows as a cherry on a tree and is harvested once a year. The quality of the flavours depends on sunshine, rainfall and other agronomy practices.

7. Freshly ground coffee is popular with beauty fans too, as it can be used as a stimulating exfoliant when mixed with organic almond oil, sea salt and organic brown sugar.

8. A single or double shot of cold brew coffee is regularly drunk by gym goers before their training session as a means of increasing energy and burning fat.

9. Although considered the first port of call for breakfast in the morning, coffee is not actually a food as it has no calories.

10. Coffee oxidises and deteriorates within two minutes of grinding.

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