PNG Coffees Secure Access to EU Market with Sustainability Partnership

Papua New Guinea’s Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) has partnered with Enveritas, a global sustainability platform, and JDE Peet’s, a major coffee company, to ensure PNG coffee meets new European Union (EU) deforestation regulations. This collaboration will verify that PNG coffee exports comply with the EU’s requirement that coffee be grown on land that was not deforested after 2020.

Key elements of the partnership:

  • Comprehensive monitoring: Enveritas will employ a combination of satellite imagery, machine learning, and on-the-ground teams to assess all PNG coffee lands for deforestation compliance.
  • Transparent supply chain: A robust protocol will identify and remove any coffee found to be grown on land deforested after the regulation’s timeframe.
  • Sustainable practices: JDE Peet’s will collaborate with farmers to reforest any land identified as non-compliant, promoting long-term sustainability.

Benefits of the partnership:

  • Market access: PNG coffee farmers retain access to the lucrative EU market, safeguarding their livelihoods.
  • Environmental protection: The initiative contributes to curbing deforestation, mitigating climate change, and preserving biodiversity.
  • Consumer confidence: Consumers can enjoy PNG coffee with the assurance that it aligns with responsible sourcing practices.

This partnership exemplifies a proactive approach to sustainability within the coffee industry, balancing economic viability with environmental responsibility.

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