UAE AeroPress Representative Alexander Bernardo Secures 4th Place in World AeroPress Championship 2023

In a dazzling display of coffee craftsmanship, Alexander Bernardo, the 2023 UAE AeroPress Coffee Champion, has clinched the 4th position in the World AeroPress Championship, held in Melbourne, Australia. Despite the intense competition, Bernardo’s stellar performance showcased the UAE’s prowess in the art of AeroPress brewing.

The grand winner of the 2023 World AeroPress Championship was Ekameth Wipvasutti, representing Thailand, who emerged as the global champion in this fiercely contested event.

The journey to the top for Alexander Bernardo was nothing short of remarkable. Hailing from the UAE, he triumphed in the national competition, hosted by @uaeaeropress, using Archers, Ethiopia Hamasho, Natural, 74158 coffee beans. Employing an inverted brewing technique with precise measurements and a carefully curated process, Bernardo’s skillful execution set him apart from the competition.

Here’s a glimpse into Alexander Bernardo’s winning recipe:

Brewer Position: Inverted
Filter: AeroPress Classic Paper, Single Filter, Rinsed
Dose: 18g
Grinder: Comandante, 22 Clicks
Water: 150ml, 65°C
The step-by-step brewing process included a meticulous sequence of actions, from the initial coffee drop to the final extraction, demonstrating Bernardo’s dedication to his craft.

The World AeroPress Championship, founded in 2008 with a modest beginning in Oslo, has evolved into a global phenomenon, uniting coffee enthusiasts from over 60 countries in friendly competition. This year’s event, hosted in Melbourne, Australia, attracted one of the largest competitor pools, with the UAE circuit making a substantial impact.

As  Alexander Bernardo celebrate his outstanding achievement, the World AeroPress Championship continues to foster a sense of community, friendship, and a shared love for coffee. With over 4,500 participants from across the globe, the championship remains true to its roots as a fun, inclusive, and light-hearted pursuit, bringing people together over a common passion for exceptional coffee.


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