2025 World Barista Championship Heads to HostMilano

The world’s premier competitive coffee event, the World Barista Championship (WBC), is set to make a grand return to Milan, Italy, from October 17-21, 2025. This prestigious event will take place at HostMilano, held at Fiera Milano (Rho), which is recognized as the global epicenter for the Horeca and Food Service industry. HostMilano provides an unparalleled platform for innovation, networking, and showcasing the latest trends in hospitality.

The World Barista Championship, which last graced Milan in 2021, is dedicated to promoting excellence in coffee and advancing the barista profession. The event features baristas demonstrating their expertise in crafting innovative espresso-based drinks across three categories: espresso, milk, and signature beverage courses. Each 15-minute performance is evaluated by Certified Judges on a range of technical and sensory attributes, and the cutting-edge approaches and tools used on the WBC stage have a lasting impact on the coffee industry.

This highly competitive championship attracts the finest baristas from more than 50 Competition Bodies worldwide. These skilled professionals will present their creativity and coffee mastery in a bid to claim the coveted title of World Barista Champion. The WBC is one of seven World Coffee Championships—annual skills-based competitions produced by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and hosted at some of the most significant global coffee trade shows.

“We are proud and delighted to welcome the SCA to Host 2025,” said Simona Greco, Fiera Milano SpA Owned Exhibitions Director. “This important partnership consolidates HostMilano as a global reference for the entire coffee world and testifies to Milan’s role as one of the great coffee capitals of the world. The World Barista Championship, the most prestigious among the World Coffee Championships, will bring many of the world’s top baristas to the exhibition, attracting new target audiences of coffee lovers among hospitality professionals, and providing an opportunity to preview the most exciting new trends. We look forward to working with the SCA to outline a calendar of events that is sure to be unparalleled.”

Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the SCA, added, “Given its scale and importance, HostMilano is the perfect location to hold the World Barista Championship. The Fiera Milano team’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate the barista profession and showcase the finest talents on a global stage. As we gather in this iconic city, we not only celebrate the art of coffee-making but also pay homage to the timeless tradition that continues to inspire coffee lovers worldwide.”

Since the groundbreaking introduction of caffè espresso at the 1906 Milan International World’s Fair, the city has remained a beacon of coffee craftsmanship and innovation, earning its status as the Espresso Capital of the world. Embracing Milan’s storied coffee culture, the 2025 World Barista Championship will serve as a grand celebration of the beverage that unites coffee enthusiasts globally. The WBC is supported by 2022-2025 Qualified Sponsors: Espresso Machine Sponsor, Barista Attitude; Grinder Sponsor, Victoria Arduino; and Water Filtration Sponsor, BWT water+more.

For more information about the World Barista Championship and HOSTMilano 2025, visit wcc.coffee and host.fieramilano.it.


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